Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions of the below paragraphs are created by the Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
The user should read and understand it carefully prior to moving on the individual policies are explained in the appropriate section.

Whenever the client place an order to the developer for fully fledge website making or their update only , no any particular agreement would be made by any of the parties. Moreover, have to give appropriate time to finish the assignment. Once the work is completed by our developer, he/she will give you the invoice takes in the detailing of payment along with work regarding matters. The client should print a copy of it for their record. In addition, if the client assign more work than previously explained in meeting/phone conversation or via email then the extra charge of the particular work would be mention in the second draft of email, and that must be paid by the client.

The web designs that are created by the Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. India Pvt Ltd. will remain in their supremacy until the client urge the Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. to make an agreement over website. The client must agree that their website will be presented to the other client for a work portfolio purpose. The Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. may revise the website without even noticing you. Even after the full authorization over the website, the client must show the credit in a website for the developer who has created their design. By using a website you are bounded by the rules and regulation created by the Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.. You may refer it primarily before doing the business.

The Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. have the full authority over blocking/unblocking of user or may denied the access to the website for any particular reason. The stipulation regarding to the qualification of warranty, truthfulness of information, and indemnification could survive such termination.

Each alphabets to the major elements such the text, software, graphics, video, audio, etc. that are used to create your website will always be in the possession of the Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.. The customer could never takes those modules for the any other business purpose. If he/she does then it would consider being the breaking the law of intellectual property possessed by Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.. The consumer should aware about it before connecting to the Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd..

The downloading content from our website may/may not damage your computer security. In addition, if it does then the data loss, or any damaged done which accounts our company may not repair or give the due to your loss. The client should aware before he/she download any content, information or material from our website.

Once you have ordered your requirement that will be fetched in the Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.. To cancel it you have to aware the company in the certain period. Once you have paid the amount and you change your mind then some amount of the paid money would not be handed over to you. It would be considered as the cancellation charge of an order. Moreover, some of the order could not be cancelled that would placed in under the terms and condition of exchange or mutual understanding.

The charges displayed on the website for services, delivery or any information is very current charges. These charges could gain the peak in ay time of the period without noticing or become aware of the client. That charges will be sent through invoice to the client and he/she must pay the payment in the 7 day of working days. In addition, following charges that may not have discussed but have gained the high rise must be paid by client or eventually have to came across the legal notice.

The confidential information should not be disclosed by the client. He/she should not share any particular confidential information to the third party, which is prohibited by the Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

We offers website hosting, but no guarantee could be my by Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. as to the accessibility or the intermission of our services by our company and due to intermission may/may not cause the loss of client. Nevertheless, if any case unavailability of website or any problem occurs then that would be the complete responsibility of the consumer. The safecode technology would never take part to pay off the following loss.

We are glad to receive your order, Moreover, will give our best to create the design that you have imagined. However, sometimes the web material would break the religious sentiments or could have the offensive outline or it could be consider as the illegal activity by the national or international government, in this kind of scenario the Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. would refuse to take the side of the website owner . Our company would play no part in it or take the courtesy of the loss occurs by the podcast and the appropriate company.

The search engine works inexplicably. Many external factors affect the SEO. That is why the safecode technology will never guarantee you to push your website to the top. The process of website will eventually increase the conversion rates, traffic or hits. However, the change in the ranking is not in the hand of the Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. or fall in the ranking of your website due to any algorithm arrangements or any factor that they utilize to change in the ranking of any website.

The terms and condition those are describing above do not violate/affect your constitutional right as a client.