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Web Design & Development

Principally focused on web design and development, Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is excelling in amazing designs. We are expert when it comes to delivering portal development, flash multimedia, and brand formation along with creative web graphics. Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. has skilled team of creative designer, web designer, and programmers along with web marketing experts. Web designing is the most vital part of any web site development as it decides fate of any website. The main factor behind the astonishing website is to portray company's objective in a decent and user-friendly manner. It is not just the picture of any corporation but it is the heart of organization. This is a chief reason that any organization's objective must synchronize with their appropriate design.

The Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. takes the credit of many national as well as international companies assignment and has built a strong reputation in the market of web designing. Main reason behind success of Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is the creation of website based on specific requirements of our client.

By using high computer graphics and audio system assurance, we deliver high visual interface of website. The Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is comprised of many skilled graphic designers as well as several staff member who have tons of experience of web designing. Using the latest technologies and innovation, we create astounding design that meets your requirement in very competitive price.

With the appropriate strategy and plan, we provide innovative development for small, medium as well as multination companies. When it comes to development, we just not focus on outlook but also take care of high-class professionalism with easy navigation in favor of consumer friendly design. Our company's aim is to use integrated applications groundbreaking ideas that make your business process more efficient.

Having worked many years in the field, we implement your business ideas and thoughts in favor of design you have imagined. Our company makes the complete web application which comprises of creativity along with offering the full security. Our developers fairly serve our precious clients while developing any software or product. Developers of Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. are expert when it comes to making the design in VB, ASP,PHP,ASP.Net, along with JAVA using the SQL,MYSQL,POST GREY, ORACLE and COLD FUSION.

We deliver cutting-edged solution in very competitive cost that reduces time while dealing with consumer data, order entry, order tracking along with other unwanted process and deliver the best design that enhances business profit of our clients.

E-Commerce Development

We are pioneer in development of e-commerce and their respective design for modules, plugging along with delivering top-notch promotion for respective e-commerce. Deriving the commercial success agenda, Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. offers full-fledged e-commerce solutions. Our company has achieved new definition by simplifying online transaction through e-commerce services of our clients. We use our vast knowledge of digital experience along with skilled professionals to deliver striking e-commerce services.

We help business on digital platform by payment gateway processing, online shopping, online store, shopping cart applications, along with using online shopping cart system. Have a look on the key elements that our e-commerce services contain.

  • Order Management.
  • Many discount offers along with tax reduction.
  • Every search option is categorized in modules.
  • Image uploads of appropriate product.
  • Only authentic administrator or sub-administrator can log-in.
  • Add/delete/edit product feature.
  • Product Reports that you can print.
  • Product management.

E-commerce shopping cart customization.

A very powerful online store management contains magnificent features. It is an open-source e- commerce solution. It contains the commanding PHP scripting web developing language along with fast my SQL database server.

Magento shopping cart development.

It has thrilled the whole market, as it is the open source e-commerce platform. By having the Magento shopping cart development your business will no longer restrained by just the e-commerce proposal.

Joomla content management system.

It is highly innovative and enhanced open source content management system running currently. To achieve dynamic outlook of any website or application Joomla is preferred worldwide for its easy development techniques.

SEO Integration

With the purpose to enlarge your consumer group along with increasing conversation ratio, we use most popular key phrases to market your business to achieve predetermined goal. SEO includes the different sort of results that comprise of image search, local, along with the industry specific search.

According to the online marketing strategy, SEO reflects on how search engine works along with what people search for. To optimize any website involves the editing of the content as well as the HTML coding in favor of specific key words together with removing the unwanted resistance to the least important activities of search engine. These are the benefits of using the search engine.

  • Generates higher traffic.
  • Put your business to the top.
  • It discovers other websites linked with your business.
  • Imports your current ink pages.
  • Immense visibility and fame.

Payment Gateway Integration

Here at Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., user is completely secure while paying for product that is developed by Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. We have made it easy and highly-secure for the purpose of customer's security. We enable online transactions of yours by simply putting debit as well as secure credit card payments right on while creating your website. Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. integrates your payment along with their gateways in very affordable prices.

Our company's highly professional team is capable of providing you secure transaction facility in very short amount of time. We are able to synchronize your website with any virtual payment platform that you want to associate with. We have done thousands of virtually payment services on websites. With the experience of that, we are able to fetch that platform on your website with the guarantee of secure transactions.

Web Hosting Services

The Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is among the few businesses in the market that allow their precious clients to store their valuable documents, HTML, images, videos, etc. In a very large space that no other companies offer. We provide the best hosting services that can enhance your profit margin.

To increase better bandwidth availability, security along with more consistent connection, Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. delivers web hosting services to the home critical business servers. Our services just not put your company's server to the offsite but they also enhance the network liability. Unwanted bother of any local server through your company server is completely absent here. These benefits result into the reduction of security cost along with giving you full access over administration plus they also enhance system software's ability to perform exceedingly well. Following is the hosting that has been offered by the Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

  • Hosting shared by the window server.
  • Reseller hosting.
  • Dedicated server hosting.
  • Hosting shared by the Linux server
Hosting comes with many features as well. The below described features are Standard features offered by Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Modern control panel.
  • Full backup.
  • Setup in 24 hours of time.
  • FTP account.
  • Reliable connectivity
  • MS front page support.
  • Weekly server.

Web Security Testing Services

Security experts of Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. perform daily audits of your websites to neutralize the vulnerability of your system to keep it more secure and private with an aim to save your time, money and company reputation. By testing the website fully, we make certain that our clients have assigned the work in safe hands. Testing ensures quality, completeness and correctness of any computer software.

Whenever the website testing Task is begun, it searches the potential threats along with clearing harmful bugs that may affect your website. We make sure that all elements that may affect your reputation are wiped-out before you perform any task. We also offer manual testing. In that case, our skilled technician performs manual testing and removes harmful object that may affect your consumer's ratio. Safecode Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. performs daily test on websites to give you clear report that will satisfy you and will give updates about progression along with every detail regarding the activities going on your webpage. The Safe Code Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. performs manual tests on the following domains.

  • Integration testing
  • System testing
  • Grey box testing
  • Static testing
  • White box testing
  • Unit testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Functional testing
  • Black box testing
  • Dynamic testing
  • Software testing